Who we are



​In Guelph. Downtown. Central. Accessible. Large.

We rent space by the hour, the day or the month. A desk, an open area, the whole thing. We also run our own art and design practices.

Cynthia Waldow is a self taught artist and co-founder of Necessary Arts. Follow her on instagram 


Alisa McRonald has been teaching fibre arts, curating textile related shows, exhibiting her own artwork and featured in various publications worldwide since 1998. She can be found online at alisamcronald.com, on Facebook and Instagram, or emailed at alisamcr@gmail.com.

Linda Clay always enjoys combining her love of art, gardening and travel with creating paintings that represent some of the beautiful places and flora that have given her joy. She works in acrylics on canvases of many sizes to produce work for herself and for others. She is especially fond of doing commissions that feature gardens seen or created by clients. You can contact her at 519 823 5464 or 226 337 5464.

Heather Mary Vandivier can usually be found painting but also spends her time working with 3D objects, photography, and print work (collage).  She has been creating for as long as she can remember, but has dedicated the majority of the last six years to abstract work. She primarily works with mixed media and creates non mimetic abstract art.

Nick Clark is a Guelph based artist who has been making buttons since 2015. Nick is influenced by pop culture and loud music, and in his spare time enjoys camping and drinking beer. You may also know him from the Punk Rock Flea Market he organizes. Check out his art on his instagram and facebook

Barb Cohen is a local artist.  Her education includes OCA and The New School of Art.  Her work is the future limit case.  You can see some of her work, Novel Images, at Guelph Kwik Kopy and a she is hard at work on her November show at Necessary Arts.

Christine De Vuono is a multimedia artist focusing on drawing, sculpture, collage and photography.  Her artistic practice is endurance based and gravitates towards merging elements of technology, science, human development and art. The materiality of her work highlights antiquated practices that are reintegrated into contemporary technologies, emphasizing the disparity between past and present. 

www.christinedevuono.com and Instagram @christinedevuono.

Sarah Rutledge is a self-taught abstract artist. She is inspired by the endless potentiality of creative form and expression and finds joy in allowing the free-flowing movement of the paint to define the progression and final outcome of the painting. A predominant feature in Sarah's work are the translucent layers of acrylic paint that invite the viewer to look through the painting and not simple at the surface. This technique is intended not only to build visual interest and depth, but is an intentional trigger to the viewer to learn the art of seeing and experiencing the deeper things in life.
Website is www.sarahrutledge.ca and instagram and fb is @sarahrutledgeart