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The artists are participating members of Necessary Arts Collective. Each member utilizes the space for their own practice.

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Nick Clark is a Guelph based artist who has been making buttons since 2015. Nick is influenced by pop culture and loud music, and in his spare time enjoys camping and drinking beer. You may also know him from the Punk Rock Flea Market he organizes.


Follow Nick's work on:

Instagram @pressedbynick

Co-Working Member

nick clark

linda clay

Full Studio Member

Linda Clay always enjoys combining her love of art, gardening and travel with creating paintings that represent some of the beautiful places and flora that have given her joy. She works in acrylics on canvases of many sizes to produce work for herself and for others. She is especially fond of doing commissions that feature gardens seen or created by clients.

Follow Linda's work on:

Instagram: @lindaclaypainting

Contact Linda at:

519 823 5464 / 226 337 5464

barb cohen

Co-Working Member

Barb Cohen is a local artist.  Her education includes OCA and The New School of Art.  Her work is the future limit case.  You can see some of her work, Novel Images, at Guelph Kwik Kopy.

chanel desroches

Chanel DesRoches is a practicing artist in painting, drawing, and printmaking. Her themes stem from thoughts, feelings, and emotions that can be communicated through her visual language. With careful choice of material, colour and movement, Chanel can create a type of feud on the surface - as if it was a narrative or conversation.

Chanel found her way to Guelph through the University of Guelph Studio Art program, where she received her Bachelor of Arts. The program kick started her artistic drive, and Necessary Arts created the perfect collaborative studio space to continue the creative journey.

Follow Chanel's work on:

Instagram: @chaneldesroches_art

Studio Director & Full Studio Member

Christine De Vuono is a multimedia artist focusing on drawing, sculpture, collage and photography.  Her artistic practice is endurance based and gravitates towards merging elements of technology, science, human development and art. The materiality of her work highlights antiquated practices that are reintegrated into contemporary technologies, emphasizing the disparity between past and present. 

Follow Christine's work on:

Instagram @christinedevuono

christine de vuono

Full Studio Member

shanti hietkamp

Shanti Hietkamp’s work evokes a rich narrative that discusses themes of intimacy and sexuality. A strong interest and fascination with kitsch and collectible objects are recurring themes that appear using found items as subject. Shanti has recently completed the Fine Arts Diploma program at Fanshawe College, graduating with the Mackie Cryderman Award for Excellence in the Arts, as well as the McNeill Family award for Emerging Artist. She is currently completing a Bachelors of Arts majoring in Studio Arts at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

Follow Shanti's work on:

Instagram: @hietscore

Full Studio Member

dana mccool

Dana McCool is an interdisciplinary artist, designer, writer, human rights activist and anarchist. Using symbolism, colour harmonies and universal archetypes, her visual work opens gateways into the phenomenal dimensions of Self, Other, Spirit and The Unknown. With a background in sociology, religious studies and philosophy, she is interested in contemplations that lead to revelations about the expansive core of our trans-personal human condition.

Full Studio Member

usman muhammad

Usman Muhammad is a Painter and Sculptor. 


He has a degree in Biology and Medical Sciences. He has written 3 test preparation books with 1200 questions for the Dental Aptitude Test. 


His artwork represents someone who has studied a subject thoroughly and presents different perspectives of it. 


He also enjoys doing improv comedy and making music

Follow Usman's work on:

Instagram @usmanplusone

Full Studio Member

amber ozols

Full Studio Member

Amber Ozols was born and raised in Guelph, Ontario. She studied Studio Art at Concordia University and Sheridan College for Illustration. Her work ranges from traditional oil and acrylic painting, digital design work, hand lettering, and commercial labels. Amber's portfolio has been influenced by athletics, science, infuriating societal norms, and a love of bright colours. She has a stationery line as well, Homebody Stationery, which offers introvert-friendly greeting cards and self-care items

Follow Amber's work on:

Instagram @amberozolsart

Instagram @homebodypaper

Megan Sanderson is a local artist whose art is influenced by her plant research as well as her activism. A recent graduate from Mount Allison University, she utilizes mixed media to convey messages pertaining to women’s rights, mental health, menstruation, and the environment.

Follow Megan's work on:

Instagram @msanderson_art

megan sanderson

Full Studio Member

vince wall

Upon his retirement in 1996, Vince Wall began to study art with Nan Hogg. He followed later with Carolyn Riddell. Vince paints in oil, landscapes, both real ones and the ones in his mind. He was an original member of the Wellington Art Gallery, near Fergus. He is a long time member of the West End Art Group and with them, exhibits in the Boathouse. His paintings have been on display for several years in the Uptown Grill on Woolwich St. He maintained a studio on Elizabeth St. for five years until December 2018. He has now joined Necessary Arts. 

Full Studio Member


84 Wyndham Street N

Guelph ON N1H 4E8


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